Friday, August 6, 2010

Honors Banquet

We celebrated our camp and campers tonight with a dinner and awards ceremony. Mari was elected by her classmates to deliver the student address. It was beautiful.

Many, many, MANY THANKS to Saint Mary's, the professors, the staff, and most especially Mr. & Mrs. Remick for making this all possible. Really, Mari says it best!

Dorm-mates, friends, classmates, family. There are so many names I could use. I’d like to start off by thanking you for choosing me to represent us tonight. I stand here with pride. So, we’re at the end of our first 2 weeks…time really flew by, didn’t it? It’s a funny concept: in one way, it feels like we have been here FOREVER. This morning, as I was talking to Juanita & Kenia I said, “Wow, I’ve matured so much this year….” Then it dawned on me that we really have only been here for 2 weeks!

On the contrary, it feels like just yesterday that Javi & I were waiting or your arrival. I was nervous; I didn’t know what to expect, then you all arrived. Bright-smiling faces, but I think on that day we all had that scared look in our eyes. That night at the icebreaker, we began to loosen up a bit, and day-to-day that barrier was breaking. When the barrier is down, we can see each other & communicate. But what it really takes is for each one of us to bind together as one. This is what we needed for support being so far from home.

Last Wednesday, we took a trip to the lake. It is probably going to be one of my most favorite memories. WE laughed, we screamed & to top it off, we got ice cream! I feel that it was really a day of transition. After that we had ghost-hunting, water balloon fights, swimming, eagle center, and pranks. (Which the girls pull sooooo much better than the guys!) We’ve just reached a point of closeness that will be with us forever.

We ARE the Chosen 25. We have worked so hard & strived to be our very best & these are the moments where it all pays off. Among us are National Leaders, Lawyers, Doctors, Psychologists, Professors, Writers, and the list goes on and on. So let's go to high school this year & show our world what C2C is all about!

I’d really like to thank all of you. Being here we learned not only what was taught in classes, but also differences in culture, each other’s lives, and sides of each other that would otherwise never have been discovered. We were there for each other in times of sadness & grief, & really, that’s what strengthened our bond.

Now I can’t finish without mentioning those who were there for us along the way. I’ll start with Mrs. Greer, considering the fact that as I write this, you are next to me tying Manny’s tie. You’re here for us as a mother, whenever we needed you; there you were, sharing your wisdom.

Ms. Donohue, thank you for always taking pictures & updating blogs so that we can document our memories forever.

Ms. Hill, thank you for all your patience with us in Math class. I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible. And your public speaking lessons are really paying off now!

Mr. DB! Yeah, there will be a dead fish in your bed!
Marisol (Snooki!) I really give you props! It must be so difficult for you to put up with us but you did it and with all the patience possible.

Dr. Anderson, you are so intelligent & really broadened our writing skills.

Dr. Tadie, honestly, I consider myself so fortunate to say I had you as a professor. You are so involved with us and always kept things so interesting.

Thank you, Dr. Kerr, as we discussed earlier, your class really made me think and understand the deeper message. I enjoyed every moment of it.

Mr. Hanson, I honestly didn’t know some words existed until learning them in your class.

Student mentors thank you so much for dealing with us these last weeks, being with & hanging out with you really made us feel welcomed to Saint Mary’s.

Br. Ed, you care about us, and that makes the difference.

Mr. & Mrs. Remick, I cannot put into words how grateful we all are for everything you have done. We will make you proud!

Finally, Edith! Really, you are amazing. You put all of this together and always kept calm. You are by far one of the coolest people I have ever met & know that we look up to you.

So here’s to sleepness nights, mosquito bites, trips & falls, yelling out the window, chichos, chitlins, chancletas, most of all, us as a family. I love you guys!